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T H E  C R E A T O R

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"I want to do something I love and get paid for it.” That was the mantra I wanted to live by, as a Design graduate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City 17 years ago.

Like many, I sought a 9-5 to fill that void. I even enrolled in technical school thinking Tech was my niche, too, but no… a very costly no at that!

I, like many, chased the dollar, but even making decent money still wasn’t enough for me.

I was still unfulfilled and searching for more! I took a leap of faith and started my then

part-time hustle, which is now the highly sought-after design and consulting business bCurrent Design Co.

Turns out my love for design and making dreams come true was the catalyst of what you see now. I’ve designed and consulted for hundreds of individuals and companies (small and large, unknown and well-known) helping them establish and scale their branding, reaching millions and increasing their profits!

I am at a milestone of being in business for over 5 and a half years now. They say a huge amount of businesses do not make it this long, BUT GOD! I have learned a ton, had some major victories and major losses, but I have serious tenacity, resilience and outrageous faith. Settling isn’t in my DNA! One thing remains true: helping others meet and exceed their dreams is a return on investment for a lifetime!


Whether it is brand consulting, brand designing or brand coaching, all are integral for maximum success! That is the vision. That is the goal. That is what sustains legacies!

Let's collaborate and change the world! 

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